Pattern Types (by Zodiac)


Pattern Types

There are 7 unique pattern types. Every horoscope reveals one of them. You pattern type establishes itself before you even consider the sun or moon sign. It can usually be determined even if you don’t know your time of birth. These pattern types provide eureka moments of insight and understanding. You will instantly know that your pattern type is correct from your own behaviour.

Pattern Types (by Zodiac) by Robin Armstrong

Zodiac Pattern Types
The pattern of your matrix!

Before you even look at the sun sign or moon sign, each horoscope has its own pattern type based on the pattern made by considering all of the aspects between the planets, sun and moon.

There are seven pattern types and one can easily see how her or his pattern type is valid. The pattern types are an exciting way to connect with the natal chart and secure one’s relationship to astrology.

Originally the pattern types were assessed by house position, but here the pattern types are ascertained by zodiac degrees.


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