Spiritual Perspectives on 2024


Robin will give his insights on the implications of the times ahead in 2024. In a time when everyone is trying to find what is really true, an astrological perspective brings a voice of clarity, and an old reliable standard for determining the truth of our times.

Spiritual Perspectives on 2024

By Astrologer Robin Armstrong

Robin gives some insights as to how to turn the darkness in the world into light in our lives.

Robin Armstrong is one of Canada’s foremost astrologers, and has been studying Astrology since 1969. He has been on radio (2008 CHUM Windsor) , TV (2008 Breakfast Television, City TV), podcasts, and given workshops in across Canada and even in China(2015 Shanghai). He is the founder and teacher at RASA School of Astrology. He is also the inventor of the Celestial Harp, a unique instrument that can be played by several individuals at the same time. His insights on Astrology and the I Ching are profound.

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