African Secrets on the Celestial Harp


African Secrets on the Celestial Harp

cd-15 african secrets

African Secrets on the Celestial Harp
Njacko Backo and Robin Armstrong





PIC00580 ra njacko k5a+1. The Way In:…..8’46”.   Njacko on Celestial Harp, bassdrum, balaphone and voice.  Robin on Celestial Harp.
2. Secret:…..10’12”.   Njacko on Celestial Harp, and tubes.  Robin on Celestial Harp, e-bow on Celestial Harp and tubes.
3. Yok (Soul):…..10’53”.   Njacko on Celestial Harp, Kalimba & Slenthem. Robin on water drum, rainstick and anklung.

ra00618++4. Travelling Soul:…..8’46”.   Njacko on Celestial Harp, vibraphone, djembe, shakers & voice. Robin on Celestial Harp, slenthem, kpanlogo, shakers and voice.

5. Nyam:…..8’42”.   Njacko on Celestial Harp, bass drum, kpanlogo, shakers & box shaker. Robin on Celestial Harp and harmonica.

6. Thanks To The Spirit:…..7’05”.    Njacko on Celestial Harp, kalimba, buba drum, coil, bongos & voice. Robin on Celestial Harp, shakers & quiro. Morenike Marcus-Jones on voice.

Photos by Arlene Cieslewicz

Mixed and mastered by Robin Armstrong and Chip Yarwood

Composed and performed  by Njack Backo and Robin Armstrong

Printing by  Printer Gateway,

Copyright 2000, Njacko Backo, Robin Armstrong & RA Publications,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

RA Publications, P.O. Box 5265, Stn A, Toronto, ON. M5W 1N5


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